Be good to me September

googled happy september
It's been a while since I last chatted. This summer has been busy and sunny and full. I am a bit of a stress ball at the moment with tons of stuff on the go, but still overall happy and enjoying this crazy life.This is my busiest month of the entire year so bear with me. I just really hope September is good to me.

There are a few big announcements and changes coming. Stay tuned. 


The Rib Thief

Since we are on the East Coast right now for work, I thought this was great timing to share Matt's short film The Rib Thief with you! The idea was simmering in his head for almost two years and finally this summer he was able to get out with his cousins and make it happen! As an independent filmmaker he would love any feedback you have. You can leave it here for me to pass on or on the video itself. And please please please share on facebook!

Man steals ribs. Cooks them on the victim's BBQ. In the plastic. Based on a true story.


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