The Rib Thief

Since we are on the East Coast right now for work, I thought this was great timing to share Matt's short film The Rib Thief with you! The idea was simmering in his head for almost two years and finally this summer he was able to get out with his cousins and make it happen! As an independent filmmaker he would love any feedback you have. You can leave it here for me to pass on or on the video itself. And please please please share on facebook!

Man steals ribs. Cooks them on the victim's BBQ. In the plastic. Based on a true story.


Throwin' Rowan and Talking

picnic at the beach
We are just days away from the next leg of our busy season in the wedding business. Rowan will be with his grandparents for 21 days! I teared up this morning thinking about it. I'm so happy and excited for him because he's going to have the best time, but I know he's going to grow over those days and when we come back he'll seem like a brand new kiddo, which makes me both happy and sad.

The days with him have been equally rewarding as they have been frustrating. The whining and crying and the freakouts. The touching everything he's not supposed. The throwing! He has a good arm, that kid, and likes to throw shit when he's frustrated. Hence the nickname. The poops. Oh those blueberry poops. He also watered his sister yesterday. Hanging out in her vibrating chair and he poured the watering can over her head. I guess she was looking a little dry. Poor Elsa Mae! It was hilarious and dangerous all at the same time. I freaked out afterwards thinking she might have been electrocuted since the chair plays music and vibrates. She was a soaking wet baby by the time I turned to see what was going on. Poor thing, poor thing.

He's started to talk! We have him on the waiting list for an appointment - it's ridic - for speech therapy, but I'm hoping he won't need it. Right now he says

Gaga = Dada
Stinky - rarely but it's there!
Cracker - both my friend Jenn and I heard him say this the other day

He might have a few more but those are the ones we hear clearly. When he talks to Elsa Mae, sometimes he says "hiiiiii". I'm sure he's saying all sorts of other words, I just don't know what they are yet! The past couple of weeks he's exploded with different sounds and sentence like structures of sounds when he plays. We were at the beach and the canoe was taking off with some people we were with and he was going on and on about it (I'm guessing) and we thought it was another kiddo talking. Nope! It was Mr. Rowan. So proud of him.

I've also started singing twinkle twinkle and itsy bitsy spider. He LOVES itsy bitsy.  He tries to do the actions with his fingers and it's adorable. Oh my Rowan. I can't believe he'll be 2 in September. It's creeping up. Somedays I think I treat him much older than he actually is. I often have to take a moment and remember he's not even 2 yet and relish in how advanced he is for his age and take in all the amazing things he does do for a little guy. He is already drinking from a glass at meal times with no problems and usually only a small spill down his chest. SO GOOD!

It's amazing that he can make me burst with happiness over the simplest (to me) / big (for him) things. 


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