Feeling Thankful: Christmas 2013

Feeling so absolutely spoiled and thankful for this Christmas. Despite the ice storm which hit Toronto and the GTA pretty badly, we were able to have an amazing Christmas. Seeing the trees down, huge tree limbs blocking streets, learning my brother was still without power going on 5+ days, and knowing how many vulnerable people were without heat, definitely gave me pause and I appreciated all the good we have in our lives. 

By the time we arrived to each of our destinations, everyone's house was very warm and full of food and our families. It was exactly what we wanted and longed for.The best part, and what makes us feel so fortunate is to be with both of our families With or without power, we didn't care. Seeing them was what was important. 

Moving from Halifax to Ontario was a difficult decision, but it was one we made for our families. It was so important for us that Rowan and his Grandparents (and aunts and uncles and cousins!) have a relationship that wasn't once a year.  Christmas 2013 proved that we made the right choice. Had we stayed in Halifax, we would have been surrounded by our awesome friend families and we definitely missed them at this time of year, but nothing compares to family. If you've got it, cherish it. 

Twas a great Christmas! 

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  1. oh he is just so adorable!!!! I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas AND that it really validated your decision to move closer to family. :) We missed you this year, but we're so happy for you!


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