Handmade Christmas

This year, we made a conscious decision to create things instead of buy gifts for our friends and family. First of all, we're poor. Second of all, I quit my job. Third of all, making shit is cool and fun. The end result is so much more meaningful than a store could ever provide. Every weekend has been filled with making. Over the past month we made soap, body butter, nuts, peanut butter, ornaments, and holiday cards. We even made toothpaste for Matt's mom who was curious about our DIY approach to cleaning our teeth.  We had Rowan involved in making our Christmas cards for his grandparents, but everything else was a bit too much for him. He's more interested in chasing Basil and sorting tiny people into an egg carton container. It was a lot of hard work, probably no more than actually going to the shops, trying to figure out what the fuck to get people and dealing with the holiday shopping madness. I'm oh so glad we avoided that nonsense. I did go shopping for Matt one weekend when my parents came to take me grocery shopping. I was focused and got the job done in record time. Mom's partner was uber impressed. I think I taught him a thing or two. So we didn't get the full 100% handmade holidays but over time, we'll get there. It really does feel so much more meaningful this way. It'll be interesting to see how everyone else accepts their gifts. I have a feeling some people will never use their soap, or give a polite smile at our pinecone ornaments. That's ok. It was made with our hands and I feel good about it.

This is year one of a handmade Christmas.

Love, Mama

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  1. yay!! how awesome that you accomplished so much! I can't wait to hear all about your soap and other projects! (ps, the pinecones ROCK)


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