Yesterday was fun playing with the sled, but today is scary. Scary as in we're running out of food because we are supposed to be going away for Christmas to our parents. Scary as in we have no car to get anything we need. Scary as in trees are coming down all around. Power is going out across the province and won't be up for days. Neither of our parents have power which is where we wanted to go for the holidays.

Twitter photo of #darkTO

I'm freaking out.

Thank the universe we still have power. I don't know how we would get by with no heat.

I'm just hoping that today is the last day and we can get to melting those roads so we can make it outta here for xmas eve. This ruining our Christmas plans would just be the icing on the cake of crappy things happening over the last couple of months here!

Stay safe. Only drive or go out if you need to. Take care of your family, friends and neighbours.

Love, Mama


  1. wow!!! that is scary! I hope you guys did ok!!!

    ps- those photos with the sled are SO CUTE

    1. Super scary! I feel so unprepared. Ready to build my sustainable cabin in the woods now!

  2. This storm missed us, but I thought we were going to be in the same boat. I hope very much that you are going better today, and your plans will get back on track. -- Christopher

    1. Thanks! So far it's getting better. Our xmas plans are back on track and the storm didn't hit our town like it did the others. Phew! Now on to my preparedness plans...


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