The importance of getting together

Mother's Day Mixer
Artspace, a fantastic non-profit, artist-run gallery co-hosted a Mother's Day Mixer at their gallery downtown Peterborough. Matt just happens to work there and on my suggested created this awesome event! I went with two-week old Elsa and my preggo friend Jenn. It was great!

I met some moms from the facebook groups on baby wearing and cloth diapering I'd been involved with since I moved here. It was intimidating but exciting to put real people to profiles. Sometimes it feels so easy just to stay at home but I'm really glad I pushed myself to get out there. Despite my confident persona online, I'm actually pretty shy and nervous about talking with new people. It's a weird thing when my online life and real life collide because although I am one in the same, I've put so much out there online that I wouldn't necessarily reveal right away in person. So sometimes I hold back or don't know what to say. I curse myself later for not having reciprocated in the conversation either. GAH! I didn't ask them how old their kid was. Shit! I'm working on it! I do care, I swear, I'm just nervous.

We swapped stories about our births and our midwives and talked about our babies and nibbled on free snacks. Booze was also available which I think is a necessary addition (for me! even though I didn't indulge) to any mama centered event. When it was time to go, it felt like we had just started. I wanted more time! There's just something about talking things through with another woman that is so helpful and empowering to me. My partner is fabulous, but there are things I just need to connect with other ladies about. I wouldn't have survived the first year of Rowan's life without the support of Lisa and Sonja who listened to me blab in sleepy, ranty, run-on sentences about my trials and successes as a new mom. This time around, having moved to a new city and having been cooped up almost the whole winter, it was even more important for me to get my ass out there and meet new people. I need to build up my community again.

Because of this event, I had the confidence to go to a babywearers meet-up. I had been avoiding them for fear of not knowing anyone all winter (and it was pretty tricky to go). When I finally went, it was awesome! Each mama was so nice and it was so community centered. We all looked out and cared for each others children. While I fed Elsa during our lunch, Rowan ran towards the playground again and one of the other mama's ran after him for me. One of the little girls hit her head on the playground bars and I brought her to her mama. We also shared food which I think is so important in meaningful relationships. If we can share food, we're friends!

It's so exciting to make meaningful connections here. It makes me feel like this could be our forever home... 


  1. oh i'm so excited for you! That is great that you are creating a new community and group in your new home town! :)

  2. Looks like a great time. In high school I had very few female friends - didn't like the drama. Over the years female friends have become so so important to me. Looks like you're well on your way to forming some solid bonds for years to come. I'm also super nervous meeting online friends in person but when I do, I'm always so happy I did!


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